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Nuklospray Yoghurt

Over the past ten years, sows’ litter size has increased substantially. Now, litters of more than 14 piglets are no exception. An increase in the number of piglets born live is of course welcome, but it is increasingly difficult to raise them. The sow is not able to feed the extra piglets sufficiently to ensure they grow, and the piglets are placed with artificial and/or foster sows. It is not an ideal solution in terms of the spread of disease and extra labour. Sloten offers a new solution to keep more piglets with the sow: Nuklospray Yoghurt.

Milk deficit
Piglets suffer a deficit without additional feeding

Even a sow with 14 good teats will be unable to feed all her piglets sufficiently because absolute milk production will be too low to fully exploit the piglets’ growth potential. Piglets will thus suffer a clear deficit if no measures are taken.

Piglets should preferably be moved only when there are no other options. The solution? Additional feeding with Nuklospray Yoghurt immediately following the colostrum period.
It works very well in practice. This new pre-weaning solution offers many benefits, and is instantly applicable to every farm.

Feeding Nuklospray Yoghurt is this easy

Nuklospray Yoghurt is a new feeding concept designed for all piglets in the farrowing pen and not just for the ones that stay behind. The product is distinguished by its rich composition and its specific yoghurt form which means it contains more dry matter than regular milk replacers.
As a result, piglets have improved energy intake as of day one, and grow far better.

The additional feeding process itself is simple. Use a sprinkler can to pour yoghurt into a feeding bowl twice a day. With the right dosage, the piglets will empty the bowl themselves and there is no need for cleaning. View the instruction video.

Nuklospray Yoghurt is this easy 

Nuklospray works this well

Nuklospray Yogurt has been tested extensively in practice, with excellent results. Trial farms show an average increase of 1 to 1.5 piglets raised per litter and dry matter intake of more than 500 grams in addition to the sow’s milk. This results in a higher weaning weight. Nuklospray Yoghurt therewith makes a substantial difference. Right from day one, the product meets the energy needs of young piglets, thus decreasing the overall mortality rate. Because the piglets consume yoghurt in addition to sow’s milk, they soon become used to solid feed, making a smooth transition to it – both before and after weaning.
Advantages of Nuklospray Yoghurt

Nuklospray Yoghurt is this profitable

Reduced mortality, more piglets raised, higher dry matter intake, a higher weaning weight and more piglets with the sow. Nuklospray Yoghurt is the new pre-weaning solution for all piglets, ensuring better growth and financial profits. Without the need to invest in a system, you can earn an extra € 60 per sow per annum. For each euro you spend on Nuklospray Yoghurt, you will get back more than double. In addition, the need for artificial and foster sows is reduced, which minimises the spread of disease.

Nuklospray YoghurtAdvantages of Nuklospray Yoghurt

  • higher dry matter intake from day 1 
  • more weaned piglets per litter 
  • higher weaning weight
  • smoother transition to solid feed 
  • small effort, big effect 

More information

Also see product results of Nuklospray Yoghurt trials.
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